Mark Campion - chief executive

We are not like any other boat manufacturer, and when you purchase one of our superb Explorer Motor Yachts you will be buying an exceptionally well-crafted vessel that will stand out from its peers for many years to come.

Unlike many mass produced motor yachts on the market, the full Explorer range is available with bespoke custom features as each vessel is handmade by a team of highly skilled craftsmen.

We only employ people with exceptional skills and experience to build Explorer Motor Yachts, and each one of them takes great pride in what they do.

Although much of the world’s manufacturing is moving away from traditional skills and individual craftsmanship, we are proud to preserve our rich heritage by handcrafting each and every Explorer this way for you to enjoy.

It takes us a lot longer to build a boat like this, up to 12 months for an Explorer 60, but the solid feel and exceptional finish you get with our boats is indescribable.

I encourage you to experience it for yourself. You won’t regret it.